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Trouble Shooting:

PROBLEM 1: The drive belt is slipping or loose. The drive belt is off the sprocket.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: Drive belt is loose or motor gear is loose

SOLUTION: Tighten wheel adjuster on both side or simply adjust and align the motor gear with the rear wheel and tighten the 2mm Allen bolt. Normal tension is about 1/4 play, do this by simply putting pressure on the belt with your index finger..


PROBLEM 2: Scooter does not accelerate.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: A) Battery wires are loose or misconnected. B) Make sure power switch is on the ON position. C) Accelerator cable is loose or not connected.

SOLUTION: A) Check all wire connections located underneath step plate, reconnect all loose wires. B) Turn on the power switch located on the right hand side of the scooter next to the charger port. C) Check accelerator lever connecter.


PROBLEM 3: Motor runs but scooter will not go.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: Drive belt loose or motor gear is loose

SOLUTION: Tighten wheel adjuster on both side or simply adjust and align the motor gear with the rear wheel and tighten the 2mm Allen bolt.


PROBLEM 4: No indication of power (beep/ light).

POSSIBLE CAUSE: Loose battery connectors or drained battery.

SOLUTION: A) Remove step plate and check for loose connectors on battery and main circuit box (3 white connectors!). B) Recharge battery for full 8 hrs. C) Scooter has gone into sleep mode and must be reset by turning the power off and back on. (this will happen when scooter is left un-ridden for a duration of 10 min. or longer


PROBLEM 5: Battery is not fully charging or not charging at all.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: A) Loose battery connectors. B) Charger is not connected properly. C) Fuse has burned out. D) Bad battery.

SOLUTION: A) Check all connectors on battery. B) Check to see if charger is connect to wall outlet and scooter properly (Green light/charged & Red light/charging). C) Check fuse on the side of the circuit box and replace if it has burned out. D) If all fails, simply call us for further instructions.


PROBLEM 6: Scooter is hitting the ground while riding.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: The tire air pressure is too low or exceeding weight limit.

SOLUTION: Add air to the tire at 32-36 psi and do not exceed over 200 lbs.


PROBLEM 7: The brake is too tight.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: The cable is too tight.

SOLUTION: Rotate the cable adjuster toward the lever.



PROBLEM 8: The handlebar is not aligned with the front wheel.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: The steering column is too loose.

SOLUTION: Loosen the quick release lever and adjust or straighten your handlebar and then tighten the quick release lever.



PROBLEM 9: Scooter makes noise when moving or accelerating.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: Belt is too loose or bearings need to be lubricated.

SOLUTION: Simply tighten your belt adjuster located in the back wheel. Lubricate bearings with a spray lube of your choice.



PROBLEM 10: Scooter will not stop running.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: Jammed and/or stuck throttle lever

SOLUTION: Simply disconnect cable, unscrew and open the accelerator lever and clean or loosen the button surrounding.



PROBLEM 11: Cannot properly fold the scooter.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: The folding mechanism is still locked or cables are tangled.

SOLUTION: Unlock quick release lever and pull safety pin (located on left side on the folding mechanism). Simply untangle all cables.



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