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What do all these “beeps” mean??

Please see the following explanation for all “beep” indicators:

Q: Why does my scooter “beep” once, when the scooter is turn on?

A: This “beep” indicates the power is on


Q: Why does it “beep” twice every minute or so?

A: This help you realize your scooter is on, while your scooter is

not being used. After ten minutes of not using the scooter, our

scooter will switch itself into “safety sleeping mode”. In this

mode your scooter will be deactivated and you would need to

restart your scooter.


Q: Why does it “beeps” continuously, while power is just turn on?

A: This indicate your throttle has malfunction (Do not attempt to ride)

( Please refer to your trouble shooting guide for instruction)


Q: Why does it “beep” in a steady tone, when charging?

A: This indicate your power should be shut off. You may only charge

your scooter when power is turn off.


Q: Why does it “beep” in a steady tone and cause the motor to stop?

A: This will almost never happen, but when it does simply turn

your scooter off and let your scooter cool off for 5 minutes.


Q: Why does the scooter “beep” once approximately every 30 sec?

A: This indicates your battery is running low and need to be recharged.

When this happen, you have approximately 15% of power left.



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